8 Ministry Opportunities at MFBC


Children Committee - This committee consists of six members. It assists in the planning and promotion of activities for the children of our church.

Deacons - 12 Members are elected to oversee the various functions of the church body. While the ministry is administrative to a degree, it's primary concern is the spiritual welfare of the chuch body.

Finance Committee - This committee consists of six members. Two members must be active deacons. It is responsible for matters of church finance. Each year the committee prepares an annual budget after having consulting with leaders of the different committees, organizations and ministries. It is also responsible for making recommendations concerning other expenditures that arise that are not covered by the budget.

History Committee - This committee has six members. It task is to preserve the historical records of the church.

Missions Committee - This committee consists of six members. One must be an active deacon, one WMU Director, one Baptist Men Director, and one from the teenage group grades 10-12. It works with the different mission organizations to propose a mission budget each year. It assists in the promotion and coordination of mission endeavors by the church.

Nominating Committee - This committee is recommended by the deacons. It initially consists of three individuals. Following the selection of the first three individuals, they nominate individuals for Sunday School Director, WMU Director, and Baptist Men Director. Once these three are elected by the church they become a part of the Nominating Committee.

Personnel Committee - This committee consists of six members. At least two members must be active deacons. As the name implies, this committee is responsible with all matters of personnel. It is instrumental in the hiring of all personnel besides the position of pastor. It annually makes recommendations to the Finance Committee in regards to salaries. It serves as a liaison between the staff and the church.

Property and Grounds Committee - This committee consists of six members. As the name implies, they are responsible for matters related to church properties. They also have the responsibility of supervising maintenance personnel.