5 Ministry Opportunities at MFBC


Birthday Greetings - Every member and associate of MFB is remembered on his/her birthday with a call or card.

CARE - This lay ministry makes calls through the church directory on a systematic basis (at least once each quarter) to find out what's happening in the lives of our members. They call in the evenings ans ask three questions: (1) How are you doing? (2) Do you have any prayer requests? (3) Is there anything you'd like us to report to the pastor, a staff member, or the deacons? Each CARE caller takes motes on a form to ensure accurate information is recorded. Then they update the people on any coming events or church news. It's another way of keeping in touch with our members and saying "We care."

Elderly and Health Care - Care, compassion, and a gentle loving hand from a Christ-follower for the sick, shut-in, hospitalized, and elderly.

Kitchen-Angels - A service ministry to help in the preparation and service of meals and refreshments for church functions and other appropriate events.

Visitor Welcome - This ministry will assist in making sure that everyone who worships with us for the first time receives either a visit or a phone call.