6 Ministry Opportunities at MFBC


Block Party - An annual evangelism ministry event to heighten community awareness about the love and grace of our God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Participants in this ministry are responsible for planning, promoting, and conducting this event.

Disaster Relief - This is a missions program of responding to the needs of disaster victims and offers a wide variety of opportunities for service. It is part of the greater South Carolina Baptist Convention Disaster Relief program. It requires training by the State Convention. The Lakelands Baptist Association maintains a first response/chainsaw unit.

Foreign Mission Trips - From time to time, some of our members go on trips to other countries to help spread the Gospel and to be of service to the people in those areas. For example, one of our ladies has been on two recent trips to Sri Lanka, and several of our adults and young people have been on trips to Costa Rica, where Camp Brittany has been established in honor of one of our youth, whose entire family was killed in a tragic plane crash. More recently, one of our young people participated in a mission trip to Nicaragua. Click here to view a video of this trip

Kairos - This ministry is conducted primarily at McCormick Correctional Institution (MCI).

Parade Floats - For the past two years our church has prepared a beautiful float for the local Christmas Parade. This is an excellent way to make sure that the true meaning of Christmas is kept in the celebrations that surround Christmas.

Rebuild Unit - We have an active Rebuild Unit in our church. While it is similar to the Disaster Relief, it is more flexible. It can be used at any time to assist in mission projects both at home and across the nation. While the leader of the group needs to have training by the State Convention, the participants do not. This is an excellent vehicle to help us plan short-term mission projects.