6 Ministry Opportunities at MFBC


Audio-Visual - The responsibility of this ministry would be to see that all services conducted at MCBC would have the needed sound and visual support. This ministry is responsible for the visual aids provided by our sanctuary projection system and for recording our services on tape, CD, and/or DVD.

Baptism - This ministry would assist the pastor and the candidates for baptism on the day of their baptism. This would involve making sure that the robes were available and that the individuals had towels, if they failed to bring them from home.

Music Helps - This ministry assists the Minister of Music in preparation for the different events during the year. While the Choir is part of this Ministry, this group is those who help with drama, dance, staging, lighting, etc.

Music-Choir - Members of our Choir provide music support and special music for Sunday morning worship. Two or three times each year, special music programs (contatas) are presented to celebrate Christian or patriotic seasons, such as Easter and Christmas.

Prayer-Pastor - This ministry would assure the pastor and his wife that someone would be praying for them each day. It would assure them that there was someone available to pray for special needs as they arise. It would also involve praying for the pastor as he preaches on Sunday.

Ushers-Greeters - Surveys have shown that the first few minutes a new person is at church will determine whether he/she will return. This is why it is so important to have greeters to meet folks as they enter. The biggest requirements for this ministry are a big smile and an extended hand.