39 Ministry Opportunities at MFBC


Children Committee - This committee consists of six members. It assists in the planning and promotion of activities for the children of our church.

Deacons - 12 Members are elected to oversee the various functions of the church body. While the ministry is administrative to a degree, it's primary concern is the spiritual welfare of the chuch body.

Finance Committee - This committee consists of six members. Two members must be active deacons. It is responsible for matters of church finance. Each year the committee prepares an annual budget after having consulting with leaders of the different committees, organizations and ministries. It is also responsible for making recommendations concerning other expenditures that arise that are not covered by the budget.

History Committee - This committee has six members. It task is to preserve the historical records of the church.

Missions Committee - This committee consists of six members. One must be an active deacon, one WMU Director, one Baptist Men Director, and one from the teenage group grades 10-12. It works with the different mission organizations to propose a mission budget each year. It assists in the promotion and coordination of mission endeavors by the church.

Nominating Committee - This committee is recommended by the deacons. It initially consists of three individuals. Following the selection of the first three individuals, they nominate individuals for Sunday School Director, WMU Director, and Baptist Men Director. Once these three are elected by the church they become a part of the Nominating Committee.

Personnel Committee - This committee consists of six members. At least two members must be active deacons. As the name implies, this committee is responsible with all matters of personnel. It is instrumental in the hiring of all personnel besides the position of pastor. It annually makes recommendations to the Finance Committee in regards to salaries. It serves as a liaison between the staff and the church.

Property and Grounds Committee - This committee consists of six members. As the name implies, they are responsible for matters related to church properties. They also have the responsibility of supervising maintenance personnel.


Children-Youth Volunteers - This ministry will assist the Minister of Youth in a variety of ways, such as chaperones, drivers, meal preparation, and other needs as they arise.

Men's - This ministry would work with the Baptist Men's Leader to plan all activities dealing exclusively with men. It could include bible studies, retreats, recreational outings, and quarterly breakfasts.

Nursery - As we seek to reach young families, the need for nursery workers grows. This ministry would provide workers for the nursery as the needs arise. It does not require an every week commitment but the willingness to serve occasionally.

Sunday School - This ministry is the primary education tool of our church. Working with the Sunday School Director, two or more teachers are assigned to each designated class, organized by appropriate age groups. The director and all teachers are nominated by the Nomination Committee and elected by the church body each year.

Teaching - This ministry would provide a pool of teachers who were willing to teach special courses during the year. The opportunity to teach would be limited only by the willingness of individuals to participate.

WMU - This organization for women assists the pastor in the promotion of mission causes around the world. It also consists of small groups (circles) who meet on a regular basis for the purpose of mission education.

Women's - This would include all activities dealing exclusively for women. It could include bible studies, retreats, recreational outings, and lady nights.


Birthday Greetings - Every member and associate of MFB is remembered on his/her birthday with a call or card.

CARE - This lay ministry makes calls through the church directory on a systematic basis (at least once each quarter) to find out what's happening in the lives of our members. They call in the evenings ans ask three questions: (1) How are you doing? (2) Do you have any prayer requests? (3) Is there anything you'd like us to report to the pastor, a staff member, or the deacons? Each CARE caller takes motes on a form to ensure accurate information is recorded. Then they update the people on any coming events or church news. It's another way of keeping in touch with our members and saying "We care."

Elderly and Health Care - Care, compassion, and a gentle loving hand from a Christ-follower for the sick, shut-in, hospitalized, and elderly.

Kitchen-Angels - A service ministry to help in the preparation and service of meals and refreshments for church functions and other appropriate events.

Visitor Welcome - This ministry will assist in making sure that everyone who worships with us for the first time receives either a visit or a phone call.


Computer Support - This is a new ministry. It will work in conjunction with the office to prepare promotional materials, brochures, visitor cards, prayer request cards and any other materials that require extra computer skills. It has also taken on the responsibility of maintaining our church web page.

Decorating-Flowers - This ministry helps to remind individuals who have signed up to place flowers in the church for Sunday services that it is their day. It also is responsible for decorating the church for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and other special days. It should be available to assist in the decorating of the fellowship hall for special church functions.

Facility Care - This is a behind the scenes crew which assists the Building and Grounds Committee. Painting, cleaning, fixing, and building projects are just a few of the things that need to be done around a church building.

Local Helps - Related to the Rebuild idea in the Disaster Relief program, the Local helps and Home Repair ministry is a way to reach out to our local community as a testimony to the Gospel of Gods grace.

Martha - The purpose of Martha's Ministry is to further the Gospel by using needlework and craft abilities to serve others and to be available to provide service to the sick, elderly, or those caring for a loved one.

Office Helps - This ministry would provide a source of workers to assist with office task such as folding, stuffing, stamping, answering the phone, etc. as the needs arise.

Transportation - An outreach care ministry to make sure people who are without transportation or unable to drive have a way of getting to necessary appointments, worship services, or other needed destinations. The activities of this ministry are dictated by the needs expressed by the people.


Block Party - An annual evangelism ministry event to heighten community awareness about the love and grace of our God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Participants in this ministry are responsible for planning, promoting, and conducting this event.

Disaster Relief - This is a missions program of responding to the needs of disaster victims and offers a wide variety of opportunities for service. It is part of the greater South Carolina Baptist Convention Disaster Relief program. It requires training by the State Convention. The Lakelands Baptist Association maintains a first response/chainsaw unit.

Foreign Mission Trips - From time to time, some of our members go on trips to other countries to help spread the Gospel and to be of service to the people in those areas. For example, one of our ladies has been on two recent trips to Sri Lanka, and several of our adults and young people have been on trips to Costa Rica, where Camp Brittany has been established in honor of one of our youth, whose entire family was killed in a tragic plane crash. More recently, one of our young people participated in a mission trip to Nicaragua. Click here to view a video of this trip

Kairos - This ministry is conducted primarily at McCormick Correctional Institution (MCI).

Parade Floats - For the past two years our church has prepared a beautiful float for the local Christmas Parade. This is an excellent way to make sure that the true meaning of Christmas is kept in the celebrations that surround Christmas.

Rebuild Unit - We have an active Rebuild Unit in our church. While it is similar to the Disaster Relief, it is more flexible. It can be used at any time to assist in mission projects both at home and across the nation. While the leader of the group needs to have training by the State Convention, the participants do not. This is an excellent vehicle to help us plan short-term mission projects.


Audio-Visual - The responsibility of this ministry would be to see that all services conducted at MCBC would have the needed sound and visual support. This ministry is responsible for the visual aids provided by our sanctuary projection system and for recording our services on tape, CD, and/or DVD.

Baptism - This ministry would assist the pastor and the candidates for baptism on the day of their baptism. This would involve making sure that the robes were available and that the individuals had towels, if they failed to bring them from home.

Music Helps - This ministry assists the Minister of Music in preparation for the different events during the year. While the Choir is part of this Ministry, this group is those who help with drama, dance, staging, lighting, etc.

Music-Choir - Members of our Choir provide music support and special music for Sunday morning worship. Two or three times each year, special music programs (contatas) are presented to celebrate Christian or patriotic seasons, such as Easter and Christmas.

Prayer-Pastor - This ministry would assure the pastor and his wife that someone would be praying for them each day. It would assure them that there was someone available to pray for special needs as they arise. It would also involve praying for the pastor as he preaches on Sunday.

Ushers-Greeters - Surveys have shown that the first few minutes a new person is at church will determine whether he/she will return. This is why it is so important to have greeters to meet folks as they enter. The biggest requirements for this ministry are a big smile and an extended hand.