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Event: Block Party Trailer
Date: 01 Jun 2014
[Pictures of the Lakelands Assoc. Block Party Trailer]

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 1.0  The Lakelands Assoc. Block Party Trailer  This shows the right-hand side of the trailer with the front access door open. For instructions and forms, go to
 2.0  Party Accessories  This shows some of the equipment contained in the front end of the trailer.
 3.0  The two large inflatables  This picture, from inside the front of the trailer, shows the two large inflatables stored on their carriers. Note that the dollies are pushed in from the rear and then turned to be stored as shown here.
 4.0  View from the rear of the trailer with equipment stored.  This view from the rear shown some of the accessories stored. Note that the smaller inflatable was stored improperly. (See Photo 3.)
 5.0  Accessories from the rear of the trailer  This shows the two charcoal grills, large and small generators, the metal can for charcoal ash and a few other items. Remember to NOT put the ash can containing hot embers on grass, asphalt, or wooden surfaces. Place on dirt, rocks or concrete.
 6.0  Small Inflatable Unrolled  This shows the small inflatable unrolled, before deploying. The inflatables must be placed on protective tarps, as shown, to avoid punctures.The inflatables are stored wrapped in the tarps.
 7.0  Inside view of the trailer - left side.  This shows the inside left side of the trailer. Note the drawing show how items are to be stored. All straps should be left in position as items are removed. The Information packet has instructions and forms.
 8.0  Accessories  This close-up view shows the PA system, storage containers containing various accessories, and three 6-foot plastic folding tables, all stored in the front of the trailer.
 9.0  Accessories  This shows the right inside wall, showing the second halogen light, a first-aid kit, a fire extinguisher, and location drawings and straps for storing the equipment.
 10.0  Front end, Inside view  This is a view of the front, inside the trailer, showing fixed storage bins for designated accessories.