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Event: Two Special Sundays
Date: 28 Jun 2015
[Rev Gary Deberry Retires]

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 1.0  Rev. Deberry Preaches his last sermon at MFBC  Having been our pastor for the past 6 years, Rev, Gary Deberry preached his last sermon on July 21, 2015. A special service honoring him and Sue Ellen was held on July 28.
 2.5  Amy presents the Children's Message  
 2.6  The Children's Message  Amy is holding her daughter as she presents a message for the children.
 3.0  Rev. Deberry welcomes the Sesslers as new church members  
 3.1  Rev. Deberry welcomes Jennifer as a new church member  
 4.5  Rev Deberry baptizes Kathy  
 4.7  Rev. Deberry baptizes Mike  
 6.0  Rev. Deberry baptizes Jennifer  
 8.0  Ms. Dorm joins MFBC