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MFBC Website Applications

Presently, eight different applications are managed by designated church members. These are as follows:


Articles are short compositions written for specific purposes. Currently these are as follows:
  • Chimes - The Chimes is our montly church newsletter.
  • Sermon Outlines - These are outlines of our pastor's Sunday messages.
  • Reflections - These are short compositions by our pastor written for the local newspaper or other media.
  • Heart Thoughts - These are short compositions written occasionally by our pastor's wife.
  • Devotions - These are brief inspirational articles written by various church members.
  • This 'n That
  • - These are compositions of various types written by church members.
Members may upload their articles, usually in PDF or HTML format, then create links to them by filling out a simple database form.

DVD Library

We have a fairly large collection of DVD's on various topics. Most of these are recorded from CCN satellite telecasts.

Web Resources

These are links to various Internet websites or pages that our members have found helpful.

News Articles

This application allows us to highlight special church events. These entries are displayed using a Flash banner on our home page. A page of information about the event can be uploaded and displayed using the More.. link on the Flash banner.


Our church is involved in a number of service ministries. This application allows designated individuals to update the list and description of these ministries, track members involved in each ministry, and track assignments to specific individuals for task within each ministry. Every church member can view the list of members involved in each ministry and get conttact information.

Slide Shows and News Events

One of the most popular parts of our website are the Slide Shows. These consist of photograps taken at various church events. A Slide Show can be created for each event, and any number of Slides can be added to each slide show. The most current 5 events are listed uder the heading News and Events.


Our church subscribes to an online service that provides a very useful calendar for all of our activities. It also lets us keep track of member birthdays.

Sunday School Organization

This allows our Sunday School Director to record the organization chart and names of individuals involved, along with curricula and enrollment of each class.

Site Administration

In addition to the above applications, there are several other database applications supporting the site. These allow members designated as Administrators to manage the database tables. These include things such as User Security, Application Reference Tables, and Website Menus.

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