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 27-Sep-15 Personal Holiness Rev Michael Allen   Audio(26mb)
 20-Sep-15 Obeying Jesus Rev Michael Allen   Audio(28mb)
 13-Sep-15 Walking in the Spirit Rev Michael Allen   Audio(26mb)
 06-Sep-15 The Difficuulty of Discipleship Rev Michael Allen   Audio(23mb)
 30-Aug-15 The Lord's Supper Rev Michael Allen   Audio(26mb)
 23-Aug-15 Deacons According to the Bible Rev Michael Allen   Audio(26mb)
 09-Aug-15 The Simplicity of Salvation Rev Michael Allen   Audio (30mb)
 02-Aug-15 God/s Powewr Brings Peace Rev Michael Allen   Audio (30mb)
 26-Jul-15 A Model for Leadership Dr Charles Lewis   Audio: Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4Audio (19mb)
 19-Jul-15 What is Man Dr Charles Lewis   Audio: Part1 Part2 Part3 Part4
 12-Jul-15 Free Will Dr Charles Lewis   Audio (28mb)
 05-Jul-15 USA! USA! USA! Dr Charles Lewis   Audio (30mb)
 21-Jun-15 Spiritually Powerful    Audio (20mb)
 14-Jun-15 Loving Jesus More Rev Michael Allen   Audio (31mb)
 07-Jun-15 Dealing With The Storms Of Life Rev Gary DeBerry   Audio (24mb)
 31-May-15 Pointing People to Jesus Rev Gary DeBerry   Audio (18mb)
 24-May-15 Faithful Christian Soldiers Rev Gary DeBerry   Audio (24mb)
 17-May-15 Walking The High Road With Christ Rev Gary DeBerry   Audio (23mb)
 10-May-15 A Mother Who Prays    Audio (20mb)
 03-May-15 A Faithful Servant and Witness Rev Gary DeBerry   Audio (26mb)
 26-Apr-15 Accepting the Lord's Will    Audio (25mb)
 19-Apr-15 God's Deliverance May Surprise You Rev Gary DeBerry   Audio (26mb)
 12-Apr-15 The Story of the Hands of Jesus Rev Gary DeBerry   Audio (24mb)
 05-Apr-15 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ Rev Gary DeBerry   Audio (27mb)
 22-Mar-15 A Costly Betrayal    Audio (19mb)
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