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 21-Nov-10 To Be Truly Thankful Rev Gary DeBerry  audio (24mb)
 14-Nov-10 Why Did the Cheering Stop Rev Gary DeBerry  audio (24mb)
 07-Nov-10 True Security in Uncertain Times   audio (21mb)
 31-Oct-10 Never Forget Rev Gary DeBerry  audio (9mb)
 24-Oct-10 Be Prepared Rev Gary DeBerry  audio (26mb)
 17-Oct-10 Bearing Fruit Rev Gary DeBerry  audio (26mb)
 10-Oct-10 Restoration Preparation Rev Gary DeBerry  audio (26mb)
 03-Oct-10 Showing Mercy Rev Gary DeBerry  audio (28mb)
 26-Sep-10 Demonstrating Love and Devotion Gary DeBerry  audio (24mb)
 19-Sep-10 The Power of the Love of Christ Gary DeBerry  audio (27mb)
 12-Sep-10 Peace and Hope Forrest Gilmore  audio (23mb)
 12-Sep-10 Peace and Hope Forrest Gilmore  Audio (23 Mb)
 05-Sep-10 A Fatithful Disciple Gary DeBerry  audio(26mb)
 29-Aug-10 Pleasing God Gary DeBerry  audio (24mb)
 22-Aug-10 Faith in the Midst of the Storm Gary DeBerry  Audio (26.7 Mb)
 15-Aug-10 What God Expects Gary DeBerry  Audio
 11-Jul-10 Lessons In The Wilderness Gary DeBerry  Audio (24 Mb)
 13-Jun-10 Gulding Principles for the Future Rev. Gary DeBerry  Audio File (25 MB)
 23-May-10 Spirits At Work Rev. Gary DeBerry  Audio
 07-Mar-10 The Destructive Nature of Sin Rev Gary DeBerry  
 28-Feb-10 Can Misfortune Lead to God? Rev Gary DeBerry  
 31-Jan-10 Truths to Remember Gary DeBerry  Audio
 06-Dec-09 Spreading the Good News of Christmas Gary DeBerry  Audio
 08-Nov-09 Love Beyond Measure Gary DeBerry  Audio
 01-Nov-09 We Do We Proclaim Christ? Gary DeBerry  Audio
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