Date: 11-Mar-18
Title: An Overview of Escatology; Handout 1
Author: Rev. Michael Allen
Comments:  Go to Recent Study Resources for the audio links.
Date: 06-Feb-17
Title: Comments on Ephesians 2:8
Author: Forrest C. Gilmore
Date: 05-Sep-15
Title: Jesus Wept
Author: Forrest C. Gilmore
Comments: Jesus wept on at least two occasions. Why?
Date: 06-Apr-15
Title: Some comments on the interpretation of Revelation and the 1000 years
Author: Forrest C. Gilmore
Comments: An Idealist perspective
Date: 22-Oct-14
Title: Some Comments on Views of the Millennium
Author: Forrest C. Gilmore
Comments: This discussion presents a startling truth!
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