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DVD’s are available to Church members to borrow and are located in Church Library. Please use sign-out sheet there and return promptly.
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DVD_No Title Series DVD Date Subject Keywords Infosheet Comments
051 Falling In Love, Series 4: This Thing Called Love Solutions 05/01/2006 Love, Relationships   Dr. Henry Cloud
052 Every Young Woman's Battle 05/02/2006 Sexuality & Purity Teenage Young Women, Pre-Teens Girls   Shannon Ethridge
053 Two Become One, Series 4: Thing Thing Called Love Solutions 05/08/2006 Marriage   Dr. John Townsend
054 Reaching Emerging Generations:They Love Jesus But Not the Church 05/09/2006 Reaching 18-30 Year Olds, Evangelism Pastors, Staff, Board Members, Leaders   Dan Kimball
055 MOMSense: Dare to Reach Your Mothering Potential 05/13/2006 Help For Mothers Women   Elisa Morgan, Julie Barnhill, Lisa Whelchel, Dr. Kevin Leman
056 Seeing the Big Picture, Series 5: Emotional & Spiritual Connection Solutions 05/15/2006 Emotions, Relationships   Dr. Henry Cloud
057 Multiplying Ministry:How Churches Are Expanding Ministry... 05/16/2006 ..(Without Always Expanding the Church Building) Pastors, Staff, Board Members, Leaders   George Barna, Neil Cole, Dave Ferguson
058 Four Meetings...Part 4: What Do We All Do Now? Groups That Grow 05/18/2006 Clarifying Roles, Tasks & Responsibilities Pastors, Leaders   Dr. Henry Cloud, Bill Donahue
059 Unlocking the DaVinci Code Outreach Event 05/21/2006 Evangelism   Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg, Dr. Erwin Lutzer
060 Dark Night of the Soul, Series 5:Emotional & Spiritual Connection Solutions 05/22/2006 Dealing with Depression   Dr. John Townsend
061 How to Handle Conflict as a Leader Ultimate Leadership 05/23/2006 Conflict, Relationships Leaders Dr. John Townsend
062 Love's Essential Values, Series 5: Emotional & Spiritual Connection Solutions 05/29/2006 Dealing with Anger   Dr. John Townsend
063 The Sum of All Fears, Series 5: Emotional & Spiritual Connection Solutions 06/05/2006 Dealing with Anxiety and Fears   Dr. Henry Cloud
064 Leading from the Second Chair Innovation 06/06/2006 (ON ORDER FROM CCN)   Mike Bonem, Roger Patterson, Kim Miller, Dave Davis, Warren Schuh
065 How to Have a High-Impact Church: The Law of Purpose High Impact Church 06/15/2006 Commitment to Great Commission & Great Comandment (ON ORDER FROM CCN)   Chip Ingram
066 Erasing Guilt Messages, Part 5: Emotional & Spiritual Connection Solutions 06/19/2006 Dealing with Guilt & Shame   Dr. John Townsend
067 Grief, The Good and the Bad News Solutions 06/26/2006 The Emotional & Spiritual Connection   Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. John Townsend
068 Love's Executioner Solutions 07/10/2006 Protect Your Love Life, Series 6   Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. John Townsend
D01 Seeking HIM: Experiencing the Joy of Personal Revival, 2-DVDs (donated) Women   Nancy Leigh DeMoss
D02 Faith Lift, Featuring Car Wash Story (donated) Humor for Women   Kay Dekalb Smith
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