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Sunday School Organization

Class Name Leaders Curriculum Enrolled
 Director  Ed DeVos    1
 Assistant Director  George McClain    1
 Secretary  Faye Neal    1
 Children's Director  Mary Tabor  Children  1
 Nursey Coordinator  Brenda Terrell    1
 A-Bedbabies  Dot Bell  None  3
 B  Brenda Terrell  1's & 2's  4
 C  Peggy Gilmore, Cheryl Brown  3's & 4's  6
 Grades 1-3  Vickie Hunt, Bonnie Wenzel  BG-Grades 1-3  6
 Grades 4-6  Tom Mowday, Janis Lindsey  BG-Grades 4-6  10
 Substitutes  Julia Long, Cathy Patterson  Grades 1-6  2
 Youth  Art Mann, Dave Nawyn  Bible Studies for Life  13
 Jesus Seekers  ???  Bible Studies for Life  7
 Pathfinders  Wallace Wood, Cliff Hale  Bible Studies for Life  10
 New Horizon  No Linger Meeting  Explore the Bible  0
 Koinonia  C Parnell, L Warrick, D Becker, S Phillips, G McCl  Bible Studies for Life  42
 Genesis  David Derks. Randy Banks  Explore the Bible  15
 Joint Heirs  Ed DeVos, George Patterson  Bible Studies for Life  16
 Deborah  Sandy McKinney  Bible Studies for Life  8
 New Seekers  Forrest Gilmore, Del Owen  Selected Topics  20
 Fellowship   Roy Phillips, Wayne Sumi  Bible Studies for Life  11