How God Sees Us

It was hot. The farmer swatted at a pesky fly as he watched the heat waves rise from the asphalt a few feet in front of the little vegetable stand. He could feel the sweat trickling down the back of his neck. Absent-mindedly he swatted at the fly again. Too bad there was no market for them; there was a bumper crop this year.

His eyes moved back to watch the little girl as she carefully examined every watermelon in his bin for a second time. He smiled. Her mom must have taught her to thump them like that. She looked as if she had made up her mind. He smiled at her as he made his way to her side. She gave him a timid smile back. "Okay. I think I've found the one I want. How much is it?" She reached down and snapped open her little change purse.

"That'll be $3.00."

He could see by the expression on her face that he had surprised her. She slowly snapped her little change purse shut and looked up at him in dismay. He saw the blush steal across her cheek as she said,"Oh. I don't have $3.00. I only have 30 cents."

He looked at her for a moment, then said, "Follow me."

Leading her behind the little vegetable stand he started making his way down the rows of watermelon vines. Finally he saw what he had been looking for. There was a little watermelon still on the vine. He leaned down to point it out to her as he said, "I tell you what. I'll let you have that one right down there for 30 cents."

He watched her face light up as she raised one hand up to her cheek. Grinning, she said, "Okay, I'll take it!" Just as he was about to pull it, she reached for his arm and pulled it back "Oh,no, don't pull it! Leave it on the vine. I'll pick it up next month!"

That little girl looked beyond that watermelon's limitations and saw its potential!

That's what God does with us! God takes sinners and turns them into saints. He takes the unlovely and makes it lovely. He takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary. He takes the broken pieces of our lives and makes a stained glass window.

--- Diane Muise, 1997