A True Servant


Isaiah 42:1-9


When we read Isaiah's words in our passage today, we think of Jesus.  God chose the image of a servant to describe the One He would send to give His life on our behalf.  It's important to understand that Isaiah's words are also about our role as servants.  Our passage indicates a true servant;


1. Belongs to God.


  - The servant is clearly God's servant, someone whose identity and purpose come from God.


  - God will never leave us or forsake us.


2. Is used by God.


  - God's purpose for His people is to serve.


  - Sometimes Christian workers have to fill uncomfortable positions.


    a. To promote justice.


        - Every Christian is given the same mandate:  work for justice.


        - When we do anything that violates or works against justice, we are in rebellion against God's authority.


    b. To be a blessing to others.


        - Matthew 20: 26-28


        - It's not always easy or convenient.