Be Forgiving


Mark 11:25


1. Everyone needs to forgive.


  - One of the greatest hindrances to spiritual growth is to refuse to forgive.


  a. you may need to forgive others.


     - We need to forgive our enemies.


     - Don't wait until you are on your deathbed to forgive the people you hold grudges against.


     - Don't wait for people to earn their forgiveness.


  b. You may need to forgive yourself.


     - Some seem to beat themselves up over and over again because of their mistakes.


2. Christians must not withhold forgiveness.


  - Matthew 18:21-22


  - Every time someone hurts you, you are to forgive them again.


  - We must forgive those who hurt us to avoid hate collecting in our hearts.


  - If we want to have fellowship with God, we must forgive.


  - If we withhold forgiveness, we will harm ourselves the most