Decisions Matter


Genesis 13:8-13


  - Lot made a decision that resulted in continuing consequences.  Let's examine his decision.


1.  The selfishness of his decision.


  - Lot had become motivated by a spirit of worldliness and a desire to advance himself materially.


  - If Lot had not been controlled by selfishness, he would have insisted that Abram, his elder in years, have the privilege of the first choice.


  - Selfishness will eat away real happiness.


  - Selfishness will eventually lead you down a destructive path.


2. The wrong direction of his decision.


  - Genesis 19:1


  - Lot's companionship with sinners had neutralized his witness for the Lord.


3. The results of his decisions.


  - A man can conduct himself in such a way that he loses the respect of his associates and his family.


   a) He lost his influence.


      - Genesis 19:14


   b) He lost his wife.


      - Genesis 19:17


      - Genesis 19:26


   c) He lost his dignity.


      - Lot's daughters had lost all respect for their father and even for themselves.