Enduring Hardships


ll Timothy 2:8-15


How do we endure the hardships associated with the Christian life?


1. Remember Jesus Christ.


  - Jesus is the only way to salvation. But to accomplish our salvation, He had to suffer greatly.


  - His resurrection should encourage those of us who suffer.  We can be hopeful in Christ.


2. Remember the lost.


  - Paul wanted others to share in the salvation that Jesus brings.


  - To reach our community with the Gospel, we must all be a witness.


3. Remember God's faithfulness.


  - God is faithful to reward those who endure hardships for His sake.


  - Romans 6:8


  - Romans 8:17


4. Remember our call to faithfulness.


  - Because God will examine us, we should build our lives on His word, and allow His word to direct our paths.


  - A believer who remembers his call to faithfulness and is diligent in serving God will not be ashamed to stand before God.