Essential Christian Reminders


Hebrews 13:1-8


In his concluding remarks, the author of Hebrews speaks of some important issues we should all keep in mind.


1. Remember what you should do.


  a. We should keep on loving each other.


    - John 13:34 & 35


  b. We are to show hospitality to strangers.


    - The author encourages hospitality by saying sometimes a Christian may entertain an angel, being unaware of his identity.


  c. We are to express Christian love in ministry to prisoners.


    - Real Christian love doesn't consider whether a person is deserving.


2. Remember what you should not do.


  - It certainly seems to be unpopular to speak against sexual immorality in this day and age, but nevertheless it is condemned in scripture.


  - Another command here is to stay away from the love of money.


3. Remember to imitate the faithful.


  - Today we ought to follow the good example of godly leaders.


  - We never retire from serving God.


4. Remember to place your trust in the Lord.


  - We can always trust Christ.