In God We Trust


Luke 13:1-9


Some revelations to know and embrace, as we consider lasting security.


1. Tragedy may strike anyone.


  - Jeremiah 17:9


  - Tragic events remind us of the frailty of life and the need to be right with God.


  - Jesus wants to stress to his audience the importance of repentance.


2. Ultimate security is found in God.


  - "Security is our nearness to God, not our distance from danger".


  - Our ultimate security is not found in any man or in the absence of any man.  Our ultimate security is found in God alone.


3. There is a real danger in procrastination.


  - Jesus has come into the world, and our time of repentance has come.


  - There is a serious danger when people continue to refuse to bear fruit for God, and when they continue to refuse to live for him and obey Him.


  - Don't sacrifice heaven for the sins of this world.