In The Potter's Hands


Jeremiah 18:1-10


Jeremiah was led to visit the potter's house.  The potter took a lump of clay and started to mold a vessel.  It became marred.  But instead of throwing the clay away, the potter made it into another vessel.  Jeremiah was given a message.  Let's consider the message he received.


1. God has a purpose for our lives.


  - Just as the potter had a purpose for the clay, God has a purpose for our lives.


  - Just as a good potter would never design a poor vessel, you can be sure God has something good and meaningful planned for you.


2. Our lives can be marred by sin.


3. God can reshape our lives


  - Jeremiah 18:4


  - God disciplines us for our own good.


  - Romans 8:28


    a. The importance of genuine repentance.


      - Jeremiah 18:8


    b. The danger of evil.


      - Jeremiah 18:9&10


      - 2 Chronicles 7:14


      - 2 Peter 3:9