Keep The Right Priorities


Mark 10:17-31


Once, a rich young man asked Jesus an important question about inheriting eternal life. From the answer Jesus gave the young man, we all learn some important lessons.


1. Jesus is more important than possessions.


  - Jesus knew the barriers that could keep this young man out of the Kingdom.


  - The love of wealth or possessions can be a real danger for many of us, whether we are rich or not.


  - When God blesses us with economic prosperity, He is giving us a ministry opportunity.


2. We should always put Jesus first in our lives.


  - Jesus knew it would be difficult for the rich to enter the Kingdom.


  - It's difficult for a wealthy man to give up his dependence on wealth and put complete trust in God.


  - Matthew 6:19&20


  - Matthew 16:26


3. Those who follow Jesus will be blessed.


  - Peter contrasted the disciples with the rich young ruler.  He refused to give up what he had, but the disciples left everything to follow Jesus.


  - Although they had left everything to follow Him, they would be paid back in this present age, as well as in the age to come.


  - God will provide what is needed for a life committed to Him.


  - We may not get rich financially by following Jesus, but we certainly become rich spiritually.


  - The moment one puts his or her trust in Jesus, one receives a new quality of life that continues through all eternity.