Keys To Lighting Our World


Luke 5:27-32


We may light our world when we realize,


1. The lost need our love.


  - Jesus' love for Matthew was evident.  Matthew left everything because of it.


  - Jesus knows that the lost need our love, and we should know that our lost neighbors need our love.


  - Jesus has always had a great concern for the lost, because He knows they are headed for destruction. As His followers, we should share His concern.


2. Friends need our fellowship.


  - Matthew was a new believer.  He didn't know much theology, but he had a desire for his friends to know the new life he knew.


  - Matthew was one friend who had made a great discovery wanting to share that discovery with other friends.


3. Critics need our courage.


  - God doesn't need religious people.  God needs spiritual people, who share the concern of Jesus' heart.  And the heart of Jesus, more than anything else, is to get sinners saved.


  - Jesus came first and foremost to save sinners.


  - Courage in evangelism is a must, even in the face of stiff opposition from persons who might object to new convert who are socially, financially, or ethnically different.