Spiritual Mountaintops


Matthew 17:1-9


Today, as we reflect on the "Transfiguration", let us strive to understand some lessons from spiritual mountaintops.


1. There is great value in spiritual mountaintops.


  - Mountaintop experiences have lasting value that shapes our spiritual lives for years.


2. There is always a meaningful purpose to spiritual mountaintops.


  - In the Transfiguration, we see a glimpse of the true glory of Jesus.


  - In the Transfiguration any doubt about Jesus' identity or the reason for His coming is removed.


  - In the Transfiguration, we may get a glimpse into Heaven.


  - In the Transfiguration, we notice Christ alone is worthy of our worship.


3. Spiritual Mountaintops only last for a time.


  - There are needs to be met at the foot of the mountain.