Steps to Saving Faith


Mark 10:46-52


For an individual to experience saving faith there are a number of identifiable steps involved. We are able to recognize these steps clearly illustrated in the miracle of Bartimeus receiving his sight.


1. Step One - He recognized his need.


  - Spiritual blindness is a more tragic condition than physical blindness.


  - Romans 3:23


  - People who let hate, greed, selfishness, or just plan indifference blind their hearts of their desperate lost condition are to be pitted more than any others.


2. Step Two - The awakening of his belief in Jesus and his desire for Him.


  - Only Jesus can carry us out of the pit of our lost condition. He is the only savior, the only hope, and the only one who provides salvation.


  - John 14:6


3. Step Three - He asked Jesus for help.


  - Matthew 21:22


  - Don't let anyone hinder you from calling on the Lord to save you.


4. Step Four - The Lord heard his request.


  - When we sincerely ask and pray, the Lord hears our prayers.


5. Step Five - He discards what hinders him from coming to Jesus.


  - As long as there is something you are unwilling to give up, you cannot have; you cannot know the power of the savior in your life.


6. Step Six - He got what he needed.