The Cycle of Sin


Genesis 2:15-17, 3:1-7


Sin, whatever form it may take, can have a snowballing effect, and it can bring destruction.  So, let us consider the cycle of sin as described in these verses.


1. We become aware of God's will for our lives.


  - Adam and Eve knew, without any doubt, the Lord was gracious to them.


  - He kept from them only one thing - the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.


  - If they ate from the prohibited tree they would experience evil, and the evil would lead to death.


2. We are tempted to rebel against God's will.


  - Satan has the ability to make evil seem very inviting.


  - We must always be on our guard. Because, when our guards are down and our emotions are strained, Satan looks for an opening.


  - Understanding the way Satan uses temptation helps us to resist temptation, and when we resist temptation, the devil will flee from us.


3. We experience conviction and shame following our sin.


  - Normally, conviction for sin will hit the guilty one soon after the act of sin.


  - We need to learn from our failures, seek forgiveness, and then commit ourselves and our talents anew to serving God.


The cycle can be broken before it leads to sin.


The best way to avoid temptation is to not look at it. Look at the Master instead.