The Power of United Purpose


Nehemiah 4:1-6


Our text today reveals;


1. A powerful miracle.


  - The opposition that Nehemiah and the Jews faced was too fierce for them to overcome it in their own strength.


  - When you consider the Jews constructing the wall out of rubble, it must have been a powerful miracle.


  - Many different people worked with the abilities they had to use, and God used their efforts to build the wall.


2. A powerful method.


  - They were united in their purpose.


  - There is so much to do, and there is so much that we can do, if we will just do it together.


  - Another part of a powerful method is a vision of what we are to accomplish.


  - In times of discouragement and fear, we need to be reminded to turn to God through prayer and through His word.


  - Philippians 4:8


  - Luke 18:1


3. A powerful mind.


  - We can implement our ministry plans if we have a mind to work.


  - Nehemiah 4:6


  - Ecclesiastes 9:10


  - How often are we that eager to do the Lord's work? What a difference it would make!