Trusting In The Word of God

Nehemiah 8:1-3, 5-6, 8-10

September 25, 2011 am



Those trusting in the Word of God will demonstrate;


1.    A longing for the Word.


-The Jews gathered to hear a word from God


-Itís obvious that they had a hunger, a longing to hear Godís word to them


2.Respect for the Word.


-When Ezra the Priest opened the book of the Law of Moses, all the people stood up.


-It was a gesture of respect and anticipation


-One of the best ways, and most important ways we can respect the word of God is to share it with others


3.    Understanding of the Word.

-Throughout the reading of the scripture, emphasis was placed on explaining to the people what†† was being read, so that they could understand it.


-We should take advantage of all avenues available to us to understand Godís word


4.    Conviction from the Word.


-The people who received the law and its interpretation were overcome with tears.


-They all knew they were guilty before God


a.Leads to repentance.


b.Leads to joy and power.