Words of Life


We know some accepted Jesus' words, and others turned away.  Still today, people respond differently to the words of Jesus; to the words of life.


John 6:56-69


From our text today, we can conclude some findings in regards to the words of Jesus.



1. Jesus' words are words that offend a lot of people.


  - Today, there are those who could loosely be called followers until they are confronted with the offense of the Gospel.


  - Jesus intended to separate true believers from those who were accompanying Him for the wrong reasons.



2. Jesus' words are words of Spirit and Life.


  - We must apply a spiritual interpretation to spirit-inspired words.


  - Some believe through seeing, and others believe, who have not seen, but all require God's assistance to understand the words of Spirit and Life.



3. Jesus' words are words of Eternal Life.


  - For some today, life is going so well they don't want to think about eternity.


  - Some may not want to think about it, but this life will come to an end, and the commitments we make or do not make to Christ will determine our eternity.