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Event: Church Picnic at Baker Creek State Park
Date: 29 Sep 2007

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 1.0  The food's cookin' and the crowd's gatherin'  
 2.0  Good conversations  
 3.0  At least one person seems interested in what's being said!  
 4.0  Most everyone's here, and the band's gettin' ready  
 5.0  Man! Look at all those vittles!  
 6.0  Watch those two guys! They may want to steal the desserts!  
 7.0  The crowd is ready to eat!  
 8.0  Are those professional chefs? Looks like it!  
 9.0  The Parksville Baptist Praise Band entertains the crowd.  
 10.0  The kids are enjoying the beach and the water. The view is wonderful!