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Event: There is Peace in the World Tonight - Choir Christmas Musical
Date: 06 Dec 2008

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 1.0  The MFBC Choir  The 32-voice MFBC Sanctuary Choir dressed to sing!
 2.0  The Altos  The Alto section sings with gaity!
 3.0  The Sopranos  No, not the TV series, but some really good soprano singers!
 4.0  Prepare the Way  The men's section is seen as the Choir sings Prepare The Way!
 5.0  Dave Lerow sings a solo  David Lerow sings a solo part as a member of a trio with Marion and Jan
 6.0  George sings and Marion smiles  George sings heartily as Marion smiles and waits for her turn to sing.
 7.0  Jan sings a solo  Jan looks a bit worried as she sings a solo part, but it's just concentration!
 8.0  Taylor sings a solo  Taylor sings a solo part
 9.0  The Men's Section  Seven bass-baritones and 5 tenors are shown, along with our talented director
 10.0  The Altos Again  The marvelous alto section sings gaily!
 11.0  The Sopranos Again  Ten of the eleven sopranos are shown here.