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Event: Picnic 2009
Date: 26 Sep 2009
[Our Annual Church Picnic was held at Baker Creek State Park this year]

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 1.0  The Caterers  Bubba and Rose catered this event
 2.0  The Line Was Long  The line was long but it was worth the wait!
 3.0  The Front of the Line  Rose is dishing out some of their delicious barbeque.
 4.0  Two of the Servers  Our deacons were our servants at the picnic. Two of them, Ed and George L., are shown here.
 5.0  A View of the Crowd  We had a great crowd at this event! Over 50 are shown here.
 6.0  Another View of the Crowd  This shows the picturesque setting - overlooking the Little River inlet at Baker Creek State Park.
 7.0  The Crowd - Another View  The view is beautiful, and the conversatins look serious!
 8.0  The crowd - a Third View  Looks like someone used too much bugspray or forgot to use deoderant!
 9.0  The Crowd enjoying the delicious barbeque  Dave seems to be praying while Fran is praising the Lord!
 10.0  Good Conversation  The food is mostly gone, but the conversation goes on. It was a beautiful day for a picnic!
 11.0  Pastor Deberry looks at some pictures.  Our pastor looks at some pictures of last year's picnic, which was also held at this same location.
 12.0  More Conversation  Mary H., Peggy, Faye, Mary B., and JIm are probably discussing when the next catfish dinner will be held! But where is Bryant -- gone fishing?