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Event: Fall Festival 2009
Date: 07 Nov 2009
[A fun time for adults and kids!]

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 1.0  Some volunteers  Seven of our ladies are shown in front of the Admin wing of the church.
 1.02  Some volunteers get their instructions.  Amy is giving instructions to some workers at the event.
 1.03  Volunteers  Five volunteers are ready to go - who is that kid trying to eat a baloon?
 1.04  Some volunteers getting ready for the crowd.  Sevral ladies discuss strategy while others get the fun food ready.
 1.05  The DJ checks his equipment  Man! That sound system looks powerful! Let's hope no eardrums get ruptured!
 2.0  One of the attractions at the festival  This looks like some type of blown-up maze. Two adults are trying to figure out just what it is!
 2.02  Another attraction  This looks like a magic carpet blown out of proportions!
 2.03  One of the attractions at the festival  Another view of the blown-up magic carpet ride.
 2.04  Another attraction at the festival  This looks like a blown up Noah's Ark! Quick! How many animals are there in this picture? Kids don't count!
 2.06  Another view of the Noah's Ark attraction.  Now how many animals are in the picture?
 2.07  A slide attraction  That's SLIDE attraction, not SIDE attraction! Looks like fun!
 3.0  Fun, games, and snacks  Cotton candy and other junk food - Oh Boy!
 3.02  Some games are being played.  The kids are showing the adults how it's done!
 3.03  Its game time!  Let's see if we can knock over these bottles without breaking the pumpkin!
 3.04  The tattoo parlor  You're never too old for tattoos!
 3.05  Games being played  Can you hit the catcher's mitt?
 4.0  Closing time  The crowd gathers as Pastor DeBerry share some comments.
 4.02  Closing time  Pastor DeBerry addresses the crowd.
 4.03  Closing time  Pastor DeBerry interviews one of the participants.
 4.04  Closing time  Everyone listens as the pastor speaks. Quit a broad span of ages was represented at this fun event.