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For All Adults

McCormick FBC has many excellent Sunday School classes studying a variety of topics. Sunday School meets every Sunday morning at 9:45 am on our campus.

For Women

We offer a Ladies Bible study on Tuesdays twice a year in the Spring and Fall. The studies usually last 7-8 weeks and are offered both on Tuesday mornings and Tuesday nights. Call the church office for information about when the next session starts.

For Men

We have two men’s prayer groups that meet weekly: one on Monday mornings at Hickory Knob at 8:30 am, and the other on Tuesday mornings at McCormick FBC in the Fellowship Hall at 7 am. Our men meet for breakfast on Saturday mornings several times during the year, and occasionally work on projects with the Property and Grounds committee.

Service Opportunities
For All Adults

McCormick FBC has many opportunities for ministry within the church and we always need volunteers for our ministries. Some of these ministry opportunities are children’s ministry, youth ministry, bus ministry, choir, teaching, and care ministries. If you are interested in serving in any of these capacities, contact the pastor.


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