PRIME Discipleship for 2021

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:19

Five Key Principles of Discipleship

1) Passion and desire for Jesus drive spiritual growth
Revelation 2:1-5

2) Real passion results in consistent daily quiet times, which are the root of discipleship

3) Salvation is free but discipleship requires sacrifice
Mark 8:34

4) Real discipleship is based on obedience much more than knowledge
John 14:23-24

5) Making reproducing disciples is the primary responsibility of the church
2 Timothy 2:2

PRIME Discipleship Program 2021

Will you commit to the following program of self-directed discipleship for 2021?

P - Pray – pray at least 15 minutes a day or 1.5 hours per week

R - Read the Bible - read at least 2 chapters a day or 12 chapters per week

I - Invite people to church - invite at least 10 people to church for the year

M - Memorize Scripture – memorize at least 5 Bible verses for the year

E – Evangelize - witness to at least 5 people for the year

Please note: these are minimum goals. You can set higher goals in any of the areas if you want.