“Be a Wise Builder”

Matthew 7:24-29

October 7, 2018




1) The __(connection)_____ between the two builders


     a)  They both __(hear)_______ the Word of God


     b) They both experience __(trials)____ in their life

         John 16:33





2) The __(contrast)_______ between the two builders


     a) The only ___(difference)________ between the


        builders is whether or not they __(obey)______


        the Word of God


     b) __(Obedience)_________ to Jesus is the only


        solid ___(foundation)__________ for our lives


        2 John 1:6





3) The __(consequences)_________ for each builder


    a) There are eternal and __(day)_____ to __(day)__


        consequences for each builder

        Galatians 6:7-8


    b) The law of the harvest is true for _(every)_______


         person whether or not they ____(believe)_____ it